The Mavenly team is ...


Honesty lasts the longest. We say - with respect - what it has to be said. No matter how loud it sounds.


Reliability is an indispensable prerequisite for establishing a mutual trust relationship.


We do it with passion or not at all.


We are efficient, which means that we try to break the tradition to make it better and better.

Open minded

We think in solutions, not in problems. If you do not go through life with an open mind, you often face closed doors.


Mavenly is a field sales agency specialized in outsourcing, consulting and training for SMEs and multinationals. In addition, it helps companies in their search for commercial talents. All mavens have a burning passion for sales. At Mavenly we work with the most modern tools and all mavens receive continuous training and guidance. In addition, they have that touch of hospitality to make the difference in all areas.