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We believe that the people are the biggest economical assets within our organisation, so we take care of them. Training & development is key to give employees the possibility to develop themselves and be ready to grow to the next level. We organise our own Sales Masterclasses to make salespeople experts in the sales process. In addition, we provide permanent Field coaching to put theory into daily practice. We have Showpad coach as our own e-learning tool that makes learning a shared responsibility. Employees can develop themselves on different topics in the way and when they want what is very important especially for the young potentials of today.

Furthermore, we offer an extended People Management Training for all managers based on the Insights Discovery Model. This enables coaches to understand their behaviour and interactions with their teams and customers better. In line with the Sales Masterclasses we also provide a Coach-the-coach Training which gives Field Managers the knowledge and tools to coach and evaluate their teams in a positive and uniform way.

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