Looking for reliable field sales expertise? A team of experts at MAVENLY offers you Outsourcing, Consultancy and Recruitment & Selection services to boost your sales.

Outsourcing of Sales

With our talented team of
50 salespeople, we achieve excellent results for all our customers in the different channels within FMCG.

Sales Consultancy

MAVENLY offers various sales consultancy solutions for companies that want to
bring their sales to a
higher level.

Recruitment & Selection

MAVENLY specializes in the recruitment and selection of sales profiles for multinationals and SMEs. As experts in sales we can make the difference.


MAVENLY is a field sales agency specialized in outsourcing of sales, consultancy and training for multinationals and SMEs. We also
help companies in their search for sales talent.
We have a burning passion for sales. 

When can you use our services?

  • You want to introduce a (new) product but you don’t have an appropriate sales team.
  • You want to open up new markets but you don’t have
    the people for it.
  • You are struggling with seasonal sales but you are lacking the salespeople to handle it.
  • You want to invest in (temporary) sales representatives and
    outsource your sales.
  • You want external advice on how to optimize your current sales processes.
  • You want to hire new sales talents on a permanent or temporary base.

Why work with MAVENLY?

We guarantee growth of your business by providing experienced and trained salespeople selling your products or services in dedicated or multi-card teams. We also have the know-how to support, optimize and modernize your own sales processes. We can support your business in all areas of sales.

Unique proposition on the market

MAVENLY has a modern and unique field sales proposition compared to its competitors


High-end software

Innovative sales tools (Salesforce, Salesforce Maps, Showpad, Showpad Coach,…)



MAVENLY has over 20 years of experience on the Benelux market


Training and Consultancy

We continuously train our people and provide our customers with sales insights



Strong know-how of retail, out of home and non food market

Speed to market

Thanks to our experience and flexibility, we can provide solutions and services at short notice


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