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Experts in field sales services

MAVENLY is a Field Sales agency specialized in outsourcing of sales, consultancy and training for multinationals and SMEs. We also help companies in their search for sales talent.
We have a burning passion for sales.

At MAVENLY we work with the most modern tools and all mavens receive continuous training and guidance. In addition, they have that touch of hospitality to make the difference in all areas.

Our values


Honesty lasts the longest. We say – with respect – what must be said. No matter how loud it sounds. We want to build honest collaborations with our customers. Reliability is an indispensable prerequisite for establishing a mutual trust relationship.


We do it with passion or not at all. Passion is the DNA of all our employees. We go the extra mile because we love what we do !


With a low hierarchical structure and versatile employees, we can provide solutions and services at short notice. Adapting ourselves to different work situations is what we constantly have and love to do without losing speed or sense of urgency for business. Flexibility is the indispensable requirement to respond to the customers types we have.


We believe that the people are the biggest economical assets within our organisation, so we take care of them. Training & development is key to give employees the possibility to develop themselves and be ready to grow to the next level. Our mission is to create a good balance between business, body and mind to create energetic and committed employees. Respect for our customers and environment starts with balance and respect for ourselves !


We help to build a Field Sales strategy for companies that like to challenge the status quo or start thinking in how doing sales in a different or better way. We think about the future of sales and want to offer innovative tools and solutions for all customers !

Part of the 25th Group

25th Group is a group of entrepreneurs and companies active in marketing and sales management. By bringing the best in class together, the group manages to create an ecosystem in which the complementarity of the various specializations reinforce each other and lead to efficiency solutions for customers. Below you can get to know the individual companies in the group.